About Madi

The mystic, the muse… what does it all mean? Well, as a writer I liked the alliteration. But it’s much deeper than that.

As both the mystic and muse of my own life, I write from my heart and soul. My writing is a glimpse into the deeper and more complex world of the inner psyche… not only mine but that of the human experience. My writing is a cool breeze on a hot summer day, an embrace from a long-lost friend, a glimmer of hope when all feels lost.

More than just a writer, I am a multifaceted being—a yogi (and yoga teacher), fashion lover, vintage connoisseur, space holder and facilitator, book reader, esoteric philosophy enthusiast, meditator, lover, sister, friend… and many other categories we love to identify with.

I am constantly exploring new paths to self-actualization and enlightenment—finding bliss in the mundane while living an extraordinary life of love. This is heavily reflected in my writing, which I hope is inspiring, yet challenging of what you believe to be the status quo.

Let’s walk each other home. 

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An extension of Madi’s soul ❤️‍🔥 Inspiring yet challenging, this writing is about the human experience, finding bliss in the mundane, and living an extraordinary life of love. Let’s walk each other home ✨


Madi Miller

Mystic & muse ✨ Always smiling, seeing the silver lining, and ready to learn, I radiate a positive energy of abundance that feels like you’re meeting a kindred soul.